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Watershed Design Ideas For Bathrooms

A Watershed | Bathrooms is the land that channels rainfall, snowmelt, and runoff into a common body of water (rivers, lakes, streams). All of the ridges, hills, and groundwater that drain to a river-outflow point are part of the same watershed.

Many of our daily activities can pollute a watershed. But there are steps we can take to help preserve our water resources.


The water that falls in a watershed flows into streams, rivers, and lakes. These rivers then drain into larger bodies of water, such as reservoirs, bays or oceans. A watershed is sometimes called a drainage basin.

Watersheds are characterized by topography, which creates steep slopes and gulleys. If rain falls in the middle of a gulley or on the bottom of a slope, it will flow toward the stream’s outflow point, which is typically located at its lowest elevation.

All of the lands that lies above a river’s outflow point is considered its watershed. Anything that happens on the land within its boundaries affects the streamflow and water quality. This includes urban development, agriculture, and recreational activities. Watersheds can also be affected by natural phenomena, such as flooding or climate change. For example, flooding can remove vegetation that provides shade, food, and shelter to aquatic macroinvertebrates and stabilizes the bank. It can also wash sediments and contaminants, including pathogens, into streams.

Light Colors

The right color can make a bathroom look bigger or smaller. It can also create a feeling of serenity or energizing power. The best colors for bathrooms are those that reflect light. Lighter colors will bounce around the room and create a sense of space. Darker colors will absorb the light and give the room a gloomy feeling.

Lighter colors, like white, baby blue, and sky blue, will create a larger perceived space. They work well with various themes and can complement many other colors.

Every stream, river, and lake has a watershed, which is the land area that drains rain and snow into it. A watershed’s boundaries are defined by the crest of hills or ridges and the surrounding landscape. A small watershed can contain a single creek or pond, while large ones are the size of the Mississippi River basin and encompass millions of square miles. Watersheds are important because they collect and transport necessary water to living things. However, they can also collect pollutants.


The bathroom is one of the most commonly used rooms in the home. As such, it is important to make the space as functional and stylish as possible.

Mirrors are a simple way to add visual interest and enhance functionality in a bathroom. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match any design aesthetic, from modern to rustic.

A watershed is the area of land that drains surface waters to a single point on the landscape. It can be easy to visualize if you stand at the drainage divide and look around. All of the land that routes water to that point is a part of that watershed.

Healthy watersheds provide essential ecosystem services like cleaning drinking water, stabilizing soils, and providing wildlife movement corridors. You can help by reducing the amount of pollutants and pathogens that wash into waterways through everyday activities and by maintaining vegetative cover along stream banks. Many communities have formed groups or committees to oversee their local watershed.

Natural Elements

Natural elements such as stones, wood, and plants can make a big impact on the design of your bathroom. They can be used as wall decorations for added texture and color, as flooring for a unique feel underfoot, and even as a sink basin or tub. Using these elements can create a zen-like atmosphere for you to relax in.

Nathan Perry